Which Star Wars™ character are you?

Enter your data here and find out which Star Wars™ character you are. May the force be with you!

Which Star Wars™ character are you?

If you were a character from George Lucas' Star Wars universe, what would be your name?

Be ready with your Star Wars name in case you suddenly find yourself in a galaxy far, far away! Whether you join the forces of the Rebellion to fight for a good cause or find the sinister Empire more appealing, take this little fun quiz to find out your traditional Star Wars name and be prepared to choose either the light or the dark side of the force!

This Star Wars name generator will find out who you are in George Lucas' universe, based on your real name. Great for the next science fiction theme party or for deciding on your next Star Wars costume.

Which Star Wars character are you: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Princess Leia, or someone else entirely? Time to find out... and may the force be with you!