Which Star Trek™ character are you?

Enter your data here and find out which Star Trek™ character you are. Engage!

Which Star Trek™ character are you?

If you were a character from Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek universe, what would be your name?

Be ready with your Star Trek name in case you suddenly find yourself where no man has gone before! Whether you join the peaceful Federation to explore the galaxy or find the martial Klingon Empire more appealing, take this little fun quiz to find out your Star Trek name and be prepared to be beamed up!

This Star Trek name generator will find out who you are in Gene Roddenberry's universe, based on your real name. Great for the next science fiction theme party or for deciding on your next Star Trek convention costume.

Which Star Trek character are you:Captain Picard, Mr. Spock or allmighty Q, or someone else entirely? Time to find out... and engage!